BizStation Corp.

BizStation Corp. was founded in 1994, the heyday of Windows3.1. We have increased the achievements in consulting and sales management system development.

Mission of our main product "BizStation" is to continue to provide advanced sales management solutions. This solution is for the purpose of "being the tools to help your business".

This philosophy has been carried forward to the new product. Transactd is growing to a useful tool in the professional work, as advanced database solutions.

Please look forward to our future.

Company Name

BizStation Corp.


May 1994


10 million yen


170 million yen (2008)

President & CEO

Hisashi Yaguchi

  • Develop and sell softwares for Sales management and Financial accounting.
  • System Consulting.
  • Develop and sell software parts.
Main Customer
  • Snap-on Tools Japan K.K.
  • Snap-on Tools Japan franchisees
Major Financial

Hachijuni Bank Minami Matsumoto branch

Head Office

Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture Igawajo 3-1-5

Number of Employees

6 (March 2014)