It is an image of Drogger (Data Logger)

Drogger is a data logger for motor sports.
It sends information from connected sensors to Android via Bluetooth,
and display it with free app.

It is a high function data logger which can input 8 channels such as
lap time · engin RPM · suspension stroke · A/F · throttle position · water/oil temperature · voltage etc.

Simple and easy-to-see meter

Simple and easy to see on the main screen of Drogger (Data Logger)
Lap time is the most important information while running. So the biggest letter.
The background color of the tachometer changes at the shift-up point. Today, set it at 11,500 rpm.
Idling is 1,800 rpm.
Engine response is good. Oil temperature is also good.
Let's go practice!

Suspension stroke

Graph of Drogger (data logger).Multiple laps view on graph.
Today's morning free practice is different from yesterday and it had chattering.
What is different? Is it too hard or too soft? How about qualifying settings?
Overlap laps on yesterday and this morning, check the movement of the suspension. Okay, I have decided!

Rotation logging

Screen which logged the engine RPM by Drogger (data logger).
I changed the engine.
I feel that the previous engine is faster. The difference in lap time is subtle.
Compare the graph which the rotation increases in the acceleration section of the back-straight.
As expected. The previous engine has reached the same rotation in shorter time.

Three temperature sensors of water, oil, and air

I tried a new intake duct.
Mount the air temperature sensor behind the funnel. Measure the intake air temperature.
The effect of the intake duct was also minus 5℃. Overwhelming!
This will be even faster!
Now, what shall I try next?

Two lap sensors - magnetic and infrared

2 types (magnet ·infrared) Lap sensor by Drogger (data logger)
I'm the first time to visit this course.
Ask the position of the embedded magnet.
It seems the embedded magnet is not buried in the goal line.
If the place of embedded magnet is different, the difference with the official time comes out.
Let's use infrared sensor here.

All 12 types of meter design

Drogger (data logger) can change the design of the meter screen.
After all, red Speaking of the game?
  Calm blue is also hard to throw away.
  Well, what color should we go today?

Waterproof / dustproof

Drogger (Data logger) is waterproof & dustproof.
Today is rain. Hurry up to exchange tires.
Drogger units are waterproof.
Oops, this Android was merely waterproof.
Set screen lock. Water droplet attack is also okay with this.1

  1. Since Android 8.0 and above, the navigation bar is not locked, there is a need for water droplet guard by tape etc.

Sensor and Logging

  • Drogger (data logger) logs engine RPM.

    Engine RPM

    Corresponds to 4 kinds of methods for acquisition of engine rotation speed1

  • Drogger (data logger) logs temperature and intake temperature

    Ambient temp

    High accuracy IC sensor for temperature / intake temperature 0 to 100℃

  • Drogger (data logger) logs water temperature

    Water temp

    High accuracy IC sensor for water temperature - 40 to 125℃ with 1/8 PT adapter

  • Drogger (data logger) logs oil temperature

    Oil temp

    High accuracy IC sensor for oil temperature - 40 to 125℃ with 1 / 8PT adapter

  • Drogger (data logger) logs Front and Rear stroke

    Front and Rear stroke

    The stroke sensor is an optical sensor. Measure the distance from the under the coil spring to the up of the spring. Display strokes 0 to 100% by the App

  • Drogger (data logger) logs speed


    The speed sensor measures the rotation speed of the wheel depending on the magnetic sensor and magnet, From the outer diameter of the tire convert it to speed

  • Drogger (data Logger) uses magnetism to measure LAP

    Magnetic LAP

    Magnetic LAP sensor is highly accurate. Its accuracy is less than 0.01 second2

  • Drogger (datalogger) uses LIR to measure LAP

    Infrared LAP

    Infrared LAP sensor is high accurate. Its accuracy is less than 0.01 second2

  • Drogger (Data Logger) uses GPS to measure LAP


    It is possible measure lap time by Android GPS3

  • Drogger (Data Logger) measures voltage


    DC 0 to 25V voltage

  • Drogger (data logger) measures the throttle position

    Throttle position

    The throttle position connects to the sensor of the vehicle. Display strokes 0 to 100% by the App.4

  • Drogger (data logger) measures A / F (air fuel ratio)


    A/F (air-fuel ratio) sensor unit corresponds to HRC・PLX・INNOVATE・aRacer・DynoJet・AutoGauge・AEM5

  • Drogger (data logger) measures the gear position

    Gear Position

    The gear position is calculated and displayed from the speed / engine speed / speed / gear ratio6

  • Drogger (Data Logger) uses GPS to measure speed

    GPS speed

    Speed display by Android GPS

  • Drogger (data logger) is record GPS location tracking data

    GPS location tracking

    Record GPS location tracking data.7

Application feature list

  • 13 items are logged or calculated (engine RPM, water temperature, oil temperature, temperature, speed, voltage, Front and Rear stroke, speed, A / F, lap time, GPS speed, GPS location, gear position)

    The logging frequency is 50 Hz (0.02 second)

    No limit on the number of logging (Android body storage capacity)

    Automatic logging OFF (1 minute after last lap detection ~)

    Sessions are automatically sorted into separate files at the specified time

    Tachometer supports maximum 20000 rpm

    GPS speed meter (determined by accuracy of Android GPS and update frequency)

    Max 999 laps

    Display of course name (only registered courses in the application)

    Application operation log

    Temperature display switching (Celsius / Fahrenheit)

    Input sensor designation

    Infrared transmitter (corresponding to 3 kinds of Drogger / Micron (AIM) / EZ-LAP)

    Designation of the number of embedded magnets for the course (1 to 5 pieces)

    GPS LAP sensor

    GPS LAP detection point setting

    LAP false detection filter

    Minimum lap time designation (4 second or longer)

    Race mode (Ignore warm-up and siting lap)

    Engine rotation / pulse designation (1/2, 1 to 36)

    Display of time difference during lap

    Display of gear position

    Shift-up indicator

  • Oil temperature warning indicator

    Water temperature warning indicator

    AFR indicator

    GPS accuracy indicator

    Screen lock on rain

    Suspension stroke position learning (FREE / FULL BOTTOM)

    Throttle position learning (OFF / FULL OPEN)

    Log files list

    Recording setting data

    Display log file record information and condition

    Laptime list (Maximum speed, minimum speed etc. displayed at the same time)

    Graph view of data

    Multiple laps view on graph (Also display other logs)

    Data offset in graph

    Synchronous view of graph and course diagram

    Synchronous view of data and graph

    Scale the graph

    Specify the maximum value of the graph scale (rotation number / stroke / temperature / speed / AFR)

    Graph show items select

    Trace the running line on Google Map

    Show suspension stroke movie

    Save data as CSV

    Data transmission (sharing function)


    Selectable meter design

    Management of settings by course and machine

    Bilingual (English / Japanese) display

  1. Acquisition of engine rotation speed corresponds to 4 types. (5 to 12V pulse signal of the ECU (engine control unit), Crank position sensor or pulser (pickup coil) signal, 12V pulse signal for digital CDI tachometer, Ignition coil primary side signal)

  2. Magnetic or infrared LAP sensor are either one.

  3. Accuracy depends on GPS accuracy (0 to 0.5 second)

  4. Logging of throttle position is possible only when the vehicle has a (DC 0 to 5V) sensor.

  5. Logging of the A/F air-fuel ratio is possible only when the A / F sensor unit (with DC 0 to 5V analog output) is installed in the vehicle.

  6. Logging of the gear position is impossible when using continuously variable transmission vehicle or half clutch, when neutral and stop.

  7. Measurement frequency depends on Android GPS.

Android + Bluetooth + Sensor

Drogger (data logger) uses bluetooth for wireless communication

Drogger is the first data logger system that displays and logs with Android.
By using powerful CPU, memory and storage of Android device, it is possible to record at high-speed, high-definition and large capacity which was impossible with conventional logger.

Use Bluetooth to connect with Android.
It is not necessary to insert the cable every time.
Also, we are not concerned about waterproofing the connecting part.

Android App

Drogger is freely downloadable from Android Play store.
With the evolution of the app, your Drogger will evolve as it is.
The app can be used as a data viewer even without the Drogger main unit.

It is not necessary to bring in a PC and transfer the data to it.
You can check the data graphically in the app.


Main unit

It is a photograph of Drogger (data logger) main board.

The main unit that connects the sensors adopts a timer using high precision EPSON crystal. Measure accurate rotational speed and lap. The board and mount are made in Japan with high reliability. In addition, we have achieved complete waterproof, dustproof and vibration-proof with automotive board sealing resin.

GPS unit

DG-PRO1 is a GPS receiver with high accuracy and high update rate that supports GPS, QZSS (Michibiki), Galileo, BeiDou, and GLONASS.

GPS receiver with high accuracy and high update rate (maximum update rate 18 Hz) corresponding to GPS, QZSS (Michibiki), Galileo, BeiDou and GLONASS (DG-PRO1)

Hybrid power supply

Drogger (data logger) can be used with USB battery as well as vehicle power supply

The main unit can be supplied from 12V of the vehicle. Also, 5V USB power supply can be used for vehicles without 12V. You can use the battery such as USB mobile battery for smartphone.

Vibration-proof battery holder

Vibration proof battery holder

Recommended mobile battery holder for Anker PowerCore+ mini. Prevents contact failure between the USB cable and the battery due to vibration. It enables stable power supply even with intense vibrations of racing machines. (USB cable supports only SU002)

Stroke sensor

Drogger (data logger) uses the first non-contact distance sensor as a stroke sensor

For the first time in the data logger, we adopted a non-contact distance sensor. You can catch the motion without disturbing the movement of the suspension. Moreover, it weighs only a few grams.

Infrared LAP sensor

Infrared LAP sensor for Drogger (data logger)

The infrared LAP sensor can detect not only Drogger's transmitter but also transmitter of Micron (AIM) or EZ-LAP. It is possible to avoid to get entangled when many transmitters are placed on a short straight course. For example, if you already have an AIM transmitter, specify AIM in the app settings to use it.

Infrared transmitter

Infrared transmitter of Drogger (data logger)

The infrared transmitter can transmit patterns of Micron (AIM) and EZ-LAP as well as Drogger's original pattern. For example, when using Drogger and aRacer ECU together, it can be used as a transmitter of the AIM pattern requested by aRacer.
Power supply is common with the main unit. It is hybrid of 12V DC and 5V USB.

Speed sensor

It is a speed sensor of Drogger (data logger)

Speed sensor measures wheel speed with strong light magnets and a magnetic sensor. Custom made microprocessor is mounted on a compact board. In addition to high resolution of 0.3 Km/h, high-definition measurement / recording of 50 times per second is possible. Powerful small magnet is only 0.3g per piece.

Magnetic LAP sensor

Magnetic detection of magnetic LAP sensor of Drogger (data logger) adopts high sensitivity Japanese-made Hall IC

For magnetic detection, we adopt high sensitivity Hall IC made in Japan. The casing has a high waterproof, dustproof and vibration-proof property by integrally molding the board and harness part.

Temperature sensors

Drogger (data logger) temperature sensor adopts high precision semiconductor sensor

The temperature sensor adopts high precision semiconductor sensor. Accurate temperature can be measured in 0.1℃ increments.

Connectors and cables

Drogger also has special handling for connectors and cables. Connectors are very compact waterproof connector made in Japan. Cables are expensive thin diameter sheath cable with heat and oil resistance. In order to obtain more reliable waterproofness, special treatment is applied to terminal crimping.

It is an image of DG-PRO1

Product design



High precision · High update rate

DG-PRO1 is a high-precision GNSS (GPS) unit that connect to Android™ via Bluetooth and can achieve a maximum update rate of 18Hz. The app logs position information in sync with Drogger's vehicle data.

It is impossible with Android ™ built-in GPS and useful functions are available.

Overwhelmingly beautiful line trace

Compared with built-in GPS, an overwhelmingly beautiful line trace is possible.

Traveling line by DG-PRO1


Traveling line by built-in GPS

Built-in GPS

Lap time · Sector time measurement

High precision lap time and sector time measurement is possible only with the app and DG-PRO1. In particular, DG-PRO1 is indispensable for sector time measurement.

DG-PRO 1 Sector Time

The finish line / sector break on the circuit or course can be edited free will. You can also add courses that are not covered by app such as parking lots.

GPS speed

High precision speed measurement with GPS is possible. Speed measurement with different characteristics from the speed sensor is possible.

DG-PRO1 speed measurement

Combination pattern with Drogger

DG-PRO1 + Drogger app

Without using the Drogger sensor unit, time measurement can be performed only with DG-PRO1 and the app.

  • Lap time

    Sector time

    GPS speed

    Line trace

Sensor unit + DG-PRO1 + Drogger app

If you add DG-PRO1 to the sensor unit, In addition to the above, it can be used together with vehicle information such as rotation speed, water / oil temperature and suspension stroke.

Drogger's biggest advantage is that you can log vehicle information as well as lap times.

Further information


For more information please see the exclusive page of DG-PRO1.


Please refer to [Support] - [Installation method] such as installation on the vehicle.

Drogger (data logger) Connection configuration diagram

Cable required for connection

Please judge the cable etc necessary for connection such as engine speed signal, please refer to [Support] - [install].


The main unit has the production revision. Some of the harnesses and adapters are different depending on it. The revisions are:

Rev.Last ship dateBluetooh device nameShown in app
Rev12017/11/30DROGGER-002Ver 6.32
Rev2 ~ 52018/06/17DROGGER-003Ver 6.33 ~ 6.36
Rev6CurrentDROGGER-003Ver 6.37

Unit compositions

  • Drogger is a set of the main unit, sensors and cables.
  • It is also possible to purchase a single item.

Function comparison of motorcycle sets

Function/Use Model Product Name Parts number BasicStandard
Main unit Drogger ドロガー(データロガー)小型キット。バイクに取り付けても重荷になりません。 SL001 Main unit
GPSLAP etc.. Drogger ドロガー(データロガー)GPSLAPセンサー DG-PRO1SD Single band GNSS Receiver + power branch cable
Engine RPM Drogger ドロガー(データロガー)エンジン回転数計測ケーブル SG001 IG cable
Front and rear stroke Drogger ドロガー(データロガー)前後ストロークセンサーケーブル。フロント、リアの2本あります。 SS002 Two are attached to Drogger Standard or Pro.(For front and rear)
Water/oil temperature Drogger ドロガー(データロガー)水温油温・温度センサー ST002 Temperature sensor 1/8PT
Temperature Drogger ドロガー(データロガー)気温・温度センサー ST001 Temperature sensor
Price(without tax) 36,440 54,300

Drogger Basic

※Set composition changed from 2022/4/10
  • This is a basic set that can perform LAP measurement and logging of engine speed. Expandable by adding more sensors. 1 2
  • A 5V USB cable and a power branch cable are included for power supply. A single power supply can power the main unit and the GPS receiver.
  • A mobile battery can be used, so it can be used even in vehicles without a 12V power supply. 3
Parts numberNameOverviewPrice
(without tax)
Cable length
Drogger ドロガー(データロガー)Basicに含まれるMain unit SL001 Main unit Bluetooth built-in control unit.
Power supply with 5V USB cable or 12V cable.
18,800 -
Drogger ドロガー(データロガー)Basicに含まれるGPSLAPセンサー DG-PRO1SD Single band GNSS receiver + power branch cable GPSLAP, sector time, GPS speed measurement, line trace 16,960 90cm
Drogger ドロガー(データロガー)Basicに含まれるエンジン回転数計測用IGケーブル SG001 IG cable Engine RPM
Connect to pulser or tachometer signal (12V)
680 70cm
Total DROGGERB Drogger Basic LAP measurement and engine speed can be measured. 36,440 -

Total(without tax) 36,440  

Drogger Standard

※Set composition changed from 2022/4/10
  • A set that adds stroke sensor x 2, 1/8PT water oil temperature sensor, and temperature (air) sensor to Drogger Basic. 4
  • In addition to the functions of Drogger Basic, you can log four types of data: longitudinal stroke, water temperature, oil temperature, and temperature (air).
  • Three extension cables for sensor attachment are included.
Parts numberNameOverviewPrice
(without tax)
Cable length
Drogger ドロガー(データロガー)Standardに含まれるMain unit SL001 Main unit Bluetooth built-in control unit.
Power supply with 5V USB cable or 12V cable.
18,800 -
Drogger ドロガー(データロガー)Standardに含まれるGPSLAPセンサー DG-PRO1SD Single band GNSS receiver + power branch cable GPSLAP, sector time, GPS speed measurement, line trace 16,960 90cm
Drogger ドロガー(データロガー)Standardに含まれるタコメーター信号ケーブル SG001 IG cable Engine RPM
Connect to pulser or tachometer signal (12V)
680 70cm
Drogger ドロガー(データロガー)Standardに含まれるストロークセンサー SS002 Stroke sensor Two are attached to Drogger Standard or Pro.
(For front and rear)
× 2
Drogger ドロガー(データロガー)Standardに含まれる水・油温用センサー 1/8PTアダプター付き ST002 Temperature sensor 1/8PT For water / oil temperature. With 1/8PT adapter. -25℃〜125℃ 3,480 35cm
Drogger ドロガー(データロガー)Standardに含まれるair用温度センサー ST001 Temperature sensor Air用
For air temperature.0℃〜100℃
1,980 35cm
Drogger ドロガー(データロガー)Standardに含まれるストロークセンサーや温度センサー延長用ケーブル60cm SL060 xtension cable 60 For extension of stroke sensor or temperature sensor.
Two are attached to Drogger Standard or Pro.
× 2
Drogger ドロガー(データロガー)Standardに含まれるストロークセンサーや温度センサー延長用ケーブル90cm SL090 xtension cable 90 For extension of stroke sensor or temperature sensor. 1,680 90cm
Total DROGGERS Drogger Standard In addition to Basic, it can measure stroke, water temperature, oil temperature and air temperature. 54,300 -

商品Total(without tax) 54,300  

Single item · Option

Parts numberNameOverviewPrice
(without tax)
Cable length
Drogger (data logger) GNSS receiver single item sale DG-PRO1 GNSS receiver GNSS main unit 14,800 90cm
Drogger Droger (data logger) power branch cable separately sold SW001 Power supply branch cable DG-PRO1,SL001Power supply branch cable 2,160 17cm
Drogger (data logger) speed sensor single item sale SMS01 Speed sensor Speed sensor with magnets and magnetic sensor. 6 magnets for 2 wheels are included. You can connect to T1, T2, T3, A/F connector. 4,980 60cm
Drogger (data logger) Sold separately for additional magnet for speed sensor SMS01-3 Magnets for speed sensor Additional magnets for speed sensor. 12 pieces (4 wheels). 980 -
Drogger (data logger) 12V voltmeter adapter single item sale SV001 12V voltmeter adapte It is an adapter for 0 to 25V DC voltage measurement. It can be connected to T1, T2, T3 or A/F connector. 3,980 70cm
Drogger (data logger) IG coil primary adapter separately sold SG001-1 IG coil primary adapter Decompression adapter for connecting IG cable to the primary side of the ignition coil. (It is necessary to take the signal of RPM from the primary side of the ignition coil.) 1,480 -
Drogger (data logger) external sensor cable 90 cm single item sale SLE090 External sensor cable 90 Required for connecting analog 0-5V output devices or sensors, such as A/F unit or throttle sensor.
White: Input + / Black: GND / Red: +5V
1,180 90cm
Drogger (data logger) sensor extension cable 30 cm single item sale SL030 Extension cable 30 Extension cable for sensors. 1,350 30cm
Drogger ドロガー(データロガー)電源延長ケーブル75cm単品販売 SUL75 Power extension cable 75 Power extension cable 75 1,720 75cm
Drogger ドロガー(データロガー)Rev2以降用HRCデータコネクター用ハーネス単品販売 SPHRCD
For Rev2 or later
Harness for HRC data connector Harness for easy connection to race cars with HRC data connectors. With this harness, you can connect to 12V power supply, RPM pulse signal (5V), throttle position sensor with coupler on.
With this harness, you don't need a power cable of 5VUSB cable or 12V cable, IG cable, external sensor cable for throttle position.
*Cannot be used with the Rev1 main unit. SPHRCDREV1 for Rev1 is Discontinued, so Upgrade Program.
2,980 65cm
Drogger (data logger) Rev 1 exclusive throttle position sensor amplifier single item sale SE001 TP sensor amplifier For Rev1 only.
Adapter for eliminating the influence on the throttle position sensor.
Use it as necessary when connecting the throttle position sensor.
Please see here for the detail.
3,680 -
Drogger ドロガー(データロガー)バッテリー販売 SB-A3350 Anker PowerCore+ mini 3350mAh ultra-compact mobile battery.
※Sold only to those who have purchased our products
1,980 -
Drogger (data logger) vibration-proof battery holder single item sale SBH001 Vibration-proof battery holder Recommended mobile battery holder for Anker PowerCore+ mini. Prevents contact failure between the USB cable and the battery due to vibration. (USB cable supports only SU002) 2,480 -
Drogger (data logger) original patch white × black single item sale SWA001-W Original embroidery patch (white × black) Decorating jumpsuits please 750 12×3.2cm
Drogger ドロガー(データロガー)本体ファームウエアリセットのイメージ画像です SL001-UPD Main unit firmware update Firmware update for SL001 main unit. postage included  2,778 -
Drogger ドロガー(データロガー)本体アップグレードのイメージ画像です SL001-UPG Main unit upgrade Rev1 SL001 main unit can be upgraded to the current product. postage included  10,000 -

Discontinued product

  • The following products have been discontinued.
Parts numberNameOverview
Drogger ドロガー(データロガー)Rev1以降用インジェクション車用ハーネス単品販売 SPIJCREV1 Harness for injection car for Rev1 The Harness for Injection Vehicle for Rev1 has been discontinued. Please consider the upgrade program.
>>Click here for upgrade program details<<
Drogger ドロガー(データロガー)Rev1以降用HRCデータコネクター用ハーネス単品販売 SPHRCDREV1 Harness for HRC data connector for Rev1 The HRC data connector harness for Rev1 has been discontinued. Please consider upgrading
>>Click here for upgrade program details<<
Drogger ドロガー(データロガー)Rev2以降用インジェクション車用ハーネス単品販売 SPIJC
For Rev2 or later
Harness for injection vehicle This harness has been discontinued. Please use IG cable and external sensor cable instead.
  1. Actual products may differ in shape and color from photos in a range that does not affect usage.

  2. For logging, an Android terminal is required.

  3. Users are responsible for waterproofing measures for mobile batteries and USB connectors.

  4. For logging, an Android terminal is required.

  5. For logging, an Android terminal is required.

  6. For logging, an Android terminal is required.

SL001 Main unit

Size (W × D × H)1 74 × 50 × 17.5mm
Power supplyDC 8 〜 14V or 5V USB power supply
Operating voltageDC5V
Consumption current2 130mA
Protection circuit3 Overcurrent
12V power supply reverse connection protection
Analog input 0 〜 2V five channels (Front, Rear, T1, T2, T3)
0 〜 5V two channels (A/F, Thr)
Analog sampling period 50Hz 0.02sec4
LAP sensor input1
LAP resolution0.0001sec
Engine pulse input10 〜 100V
Engine pulse / rotation0.5 〜 36 (Rev1, Rev2: 0.5 〜 12)
Engine maximum speed20000rpm
Bluetooth Class2 Ver 2.1 + EDR/2.1/2.0/1.1
SPP communication
Technical standard conformity certifications
  • Japan: 201-125709
  • Taiwan: CCAF11LP1610T5
  • Korea: KCC-CRI-AEP-RN-42
  • USA: FCC ID T9J-RN-42
  • Europe: Radio EN 300 328 V1.8.1 (2012-06)
Firmware version upgradePossible by sending main unit
Impact resistance / waterproof / dustproof Corresponding 5
Warranty 6 months from purchase 6
3 months for Sensors and cables

ST001 Temperature sensor

Temperature range0〜100℃
Cable length35cm
Waterproof / dustproofCorresponding

ST002 Water and oil temperature sensor

Temperature range-25〜125℃
Cable length35cm
Waterproof / dustproofCorresponding

SM001 Magnetic LAP sensor

Sensitivity adjustmentPossible
Standard adjustment voltage 80mV
Mounting height20cm or less from the road surface
Cable length100cm
Waterproof / dustproofCorresponding

SS002 Stroke sensor

Measurable range90mm 〜 450mm
Measurement methodNon-contact (infrared)
Cable length35cm
Waterproof / dustproofCorresponding (However, measured values ​​at rainy weather may be disturbed by water drops etc.)

SMS01 Speed sensor

Measurement methodMagnetic wheel speed measurement
Measurable range (with 3 magnets)12Inch: 0〜310Km/h
17Inch: 0〜380Km/h
Number of magnets3 ~ 6
Installation distanceWithin 25mm from the magnet
Cable length60cm
Waterproof / dustproofCorresponding

SI001 Infrared LAP sensor

Light incident angleRecommended within 15°
Cable length35cm
Waterproof / dustproofCorresponding

SR001 Infrared transmitter

Size (W × D × H)7 52 x 65 x 27mm
ColorWhite / Weather resistant ABS resin
Power supplyDC 8 〜 14V or 5V USB power supply
Operating voltageDC5V
Consumption current40mA
Protection circuit12V power supply reverse connection protection
Waterproof / dustproof Corresponding 8
Warranty 6 months from purchase 9

SBH001 Vibration-proof battery holder

Size (W × D × H)105×27×27mm
Slim head machine screwM5 × 8mm
Hexagon Socket SetscrewM5 × 6mm
Spacer seal(W×D)72 × 27mm
  1. Except connectors.

  2. When three temperature sensors, two stroke sensors and a magnetic LAP sensor are connected.

  3. Analog input has no protection circuit. Please be careful not to exceed 5V when connecting other sensors and units with the external sensor cable. Depending on the unit to be connected, a protection circuit may be required before input.

  4. T1, T2 and T3 input are 10Hz 0.1sec.

  5. Except connection part of 5V USB cable.

  6. The purchase date certificate is required. If purchase date can not be proved, 6 months from manufacture.

  7. Except cable taking-out part.

  8. Except connection part of 5V USB cable.

  9. The purchase date certificate is required. If purchase date can not be proved, 6 months from manufacture.


  • 2018/06/18
    Began shipping Rev 6 main unit equipped with Minimam Lap detect to 0.7 second.
  • 2018/05/16
    Began shipping Rev 4 main unit equipped with Wakeup function.
  • 2018/03/16
    Sales of the speed sensor SMS01 started.
  • 2018/01/29
    Updated the application.Ver 1.2.41
  • 2017/12/18
    Shipment of main unit Rev2

Main unit update history

Main unit revision details
Frequently Asked Questions - Beyond your wall with Drogger
Purchase before Do you can measure if only infrared LAP sensor if the transmitter is placed on a course if you use the infrared at LAP measurement? …


In order to use Drogger safely and comfortably, there are some conditions on the specifications of the smartphone or tablet.

Drogger (data logger) Fix Android phone to motorcycle
Select Android and mounting Drogger - Beyond your wall with Drogger
This time is used in Drogger Android will introduce the choice of the method of attachment. Android specs Used in Drogger Android spec required. OS Android 4.2 or higher Bluetooth 4.0 or higher waterproof Waterproof is desirable. Otherwise, it is necessary to …


Drogger is freely downloadable from Android Play store.
Please launch Play Store app, search with Drogger and install it.

* The spelling is Drogger. Please note that it is not Dragger.

How to use

See Drogger application guide.

Main screen of Drogger (data logger)
Drogger application guide - Beyond your wall with Drogger
Introduction Bluetooth pairing with the main unit Application operation status The main screen operation Display of menus and action bar Reset of the connection and logging Screen lock Configuration Display settings …
Drogger (data logger) main screen - gear position
The gear position sensor, this time in the center we will introduce a minor improvement of the software (Ver 1.2.52).…
Drogger (data logger) bluetooth data sharing
I circuit racing is fun even when piled in the companion. "Running doing what I'm 2 hair does not work?" Or. "Hard to Na or But to feel that not rear is sinking in the 8 corner?", Such as in feeling. If you did like using the Drogger also friends, it will be compared to …
Drogger (data logger) Verifying while watching the engine rotation speed
Riding data pattern - Beyond your wall with Drogger
You come and come to seeing a graph of the engine speed and the suspension from the pattern so that it is seen riding operation. We will introduce using the actual data a graph pattern that was noticed during the development of Drogger.
Drogger (data logger) data screen - settings are saved
Recording setting data - Beyond your wall with Drogger
The Drogger application can add setting data to the logged data. Information to add is called a tag. It is like a label attached to data. It is very convenient to know the situation and set contents when viewing the data later.…

You can see how to install and use the main unit, power supply, sensors, infrared transmitter etc.

How to take a signal for a tachometer

How to take Engine RPM signal with Drogger (data logger)
How to take Drogger RPM (speed) signal - Beyond your wall with Drogger
When connecting the Drogger, it differs for each vehicle type RPM is how to take the (speed) signal. But we have to introduce some until now, I will guide you through those summarized.…

Injection vehicle, power supply, tachometer, throttle position

Injection vehicles, HRC race based vehicles and GROM

This is the way to attach the Drogger (data logger) to the injection bike
Attachment to Drogger injection vehicles - Beyond your wall with Drogger
Connectivity to Drogger Rev2 in injection vehicles were up significantly. The main improvements are two of the next. ECU (Engine Configuration Control corresponding to Tacho 5V pulse signal from the unit)…

Stroke sensor

Drogger (Data Logger) how to install a stroke sensor
Mounting of the stroke sensor - Beyond your wall with Drogger
How to attach the stroke sensors. How it works The sensor is a light-receiving portion and the infrared light-emitting section, the light has to calculate the distance from the time the come back to hit the object. Sensor in the measurable range of Drogger is 90mm ~ 450mm. Stroke amount is the value that …

Speed sensor

Drogger (data logger) how to install the speed sensor
Speed sensor - Beyond your wall with Drogger
Speed sensor has been added. This time, we will introduce this speed sensor. Record of the exact speed is useful in more than imagination, comparison of the engine and parts, you can make very easy to understand and corner speed and maximum speed comparison by riding the difference. …

Preventing malfunction due to ignition noise

Noise countermeasure for stable operation

Drogger (data logger) Noise countermeasure
Racer electrical noise measures - Beyond your wall with Drogger
This time Drogger is the talk of the noise measures for digital equipment obtained in the development of. Commercial vehicles complete measures in the manufacturers have been taken, but the racing machine various parts such as the exchange of harnesses and electrical components will be …

Installation on HRC GROM, connect Innovate A/F

HRC GROM power supply, throttle position, Innovate A/F, tachometer signal

How to attach Drogger (data logger) to GROM
Drogger on GROM - Beyond your wall with Drogger
To GROM Drogger gave a mounting of. This time we will introduce the details of its contents. Speaking of GROM Mizuguchi players, the house was borrowed his machine in the same city. Thanks to who undertook willingly Mizuguchi players. Thank you very much. This vehicle is equipped with Innovate MTX-L A / F. This time, …