image of DG-PRO1

DG-PRO1 is a high precision, high update rate GPS receiver supportable with GPS, QZSS (Michibiki), Galileo, BeiDou, GLONASS.
Greatly improves GPS performance connecting to your Android™ smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

Active in various scenes

Your favorite Android™ app evolves surprisingly with DG-PRO1.

  • Motor Sports

    It is a picture that enjoys motorcycle racing with DG-PRO1

    DG-PRO1 is active in various motor sports including motorcycle, motocross, cart, touring, rally. Please try using DG-PRO1 with the Motor Sports Data Logger App Drogger. Enabling lap measurement with higher precision at a high update rate of 18Hz maximum, Tracking of highly accurate racing lines has also been achieved. You surely will be amazed by its abilities.

  • Walking

    It is a picture enjoying walking with DG-PRO1

    Your walking app will also be reborn. With DG-PRO1 you will trace the walking course more detailed and more accurate. Have you ever imagined "GPS that responds instantaneously to movement" ? Real-time location update is impressive.

  • Running

    It is a picture to enjoy running with DG-PRO1

    Of course, your ruuning app will also be reborn. With DG - PRO1 you can enjoy navigation, speed, distance, pace and line trace essential for running apps with high frequency and high accuracy.

  • Bicycle

    It is a picture of enjoying a bicycle with DG-PRO1

    Enjoy cycling with bicycle dedicaded app. With DG-PRO1 you can check more accurate location, precision such as mileage, running log, maximum speed, average speed measurement and so on will improve dramatically. You can enjoy cycling with accurate and stable position information if linked with navi app.

  • Climbing

    It is a picture that enjoys mountain climbing with DG-PRO1

    Let's dock DG-PRO1 to mountaineering app. Important things in climbing are climbing map, current location, distance traveled, average speed and so on. By using DG-PRO1 you can receive accurate satellite position information so you can upgrade the above information necessary for mountaineering.

  • Fishing

    It is a picture that enjoy sea fishing using DG-PRO1

    DG-PRO1 is reliable when using the sea fishing app too. You may find fishing reef and root fishing ground more accurate than Android™ built-in GPS. DG-PRO1 is waterproof, perfect for anglers and will be a strong partner of the ocean.

  • Camera


    A great photo shoot point that friends taught you. But your built-in GPS might point tens of meters away .... Using DG-PRO1 with the photo app, you may get a accurate photo shoot point with up to 72channels of satellite positioning system without worrying about Android ™ battery.

  • Marine Sports

    It is a picture to enjoy a boat with DG-PRO1

    If you use DG-PRO1 you can also enjoy marine sports apps! Thanks to very accurate location information, navigation in night and fog will be accurate. You may not be able to return to the built-in GPS anymore. DG-PRO1 is waterproof so you can enjoy it well on the water.

  • Location-based game

    It is a picture enjoying the game using position information on DG-PRO1

    Built-in GPS will consume more Android™ batteries. With DG-PRO1 you can play your favorite "Location-based game" with accurate and stable position information without worrying about the battery of the smartphone.

Product design

Function / Feature

DG-PRO1 is a GNSS receiver for Android™ with high accuracy, high update rate and heavy duty specification.
Highly accurate position information can be actively used without choosing weather.

  • Simultaneous reception of up to three GNSS groups (GPS + QZSS (Michibiki), Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou)

    QZSS (Michibiki) supportable

    SBAS (satellite-based augmentation system) WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN supportable

    Horizontal position accuracy 2.5 m1

    Up to 18Hz navigation update rate

    Antenna and Built-in Bluetooth module

    Offering "Drogger-GPS" service app for dedicated Android™

    For Android™ only2

    Supports a wide supply voltage of 4.5 to 15.5V DC

    Lightweight and compact 42g (W×D×H)48.5 × 50 × 10.83

    Power cable length 90 cm

    Waterproof / dustproof IP674 Heavy duty specification

    Technical standards compliance · FCC · Bluetooth SIGI D supported or already acquired

    1 year warranty (only in Japan and excluding cables)

How it works on Android™

Android™ has built-in GPS. Apps that use GPS will gain location information by accessing location services on Android™ OS. The dedicated service app "Drogger-GPS" will change the location information of Android™ OS to the information received from DG-PRO1.

how DG-PRO1 works on Android™.

Location information of DG-PRO1 can be used with Android™ app that uses most GPS including Google Map.5

Power supply

DG-PRO1 does not have a built-in battery. External power supply such as mobile battery is required.
The external power supply support to a wide power supply voltage of 4.5 to 15.5V DC.

USB power supply

Standard 5V USB Type-A cable is included. Car USB connector, USB charger, mobil battery and so one can be used.(Depending on the mobile battery used as a power source, the output may be stopped because the DG-PRO1 consumes less current)

Mobile batteries recommend Anker PowerCore+ mini.

It is an image of mobile battery ANKER recommended by DG-PRO1.

Current consumption is about 70 mA in Bluetooth connection state. For 3000 mAh battery, it can be used for about 42 hours continuously.

Vibration-proof battery holder

Recommended mobile battery holder for Anker PowerCore+ mini. Prevents contact failure between the 5VUSB cable and the battery due to vibration. It enables stable power supply even with vibrations such as motor sports, bicycles and running.

It is a holder to protect SU002 and Anker PowerCore + mini

DC 4.5 to 15.5V power supply

Please use SA001-1 (12V cable) sold separately when using DC 12V such as automobiles and motorcycles. It can be connected not only to 12V but also to a DC 4.5 - 15.5V power supply.(Connection requires electricity knowledge and skill. Please have someone with expert knowledge.)

Sharing with data logger power supply

When using the data logger Drogger (SL001) for motor sports, you can also use a branch cable SW001 that can supply power to both SL001 and DG-PRO1 with one power supply. Both 5V USB cable or SA001-1 (12V cable) can be used for the power input side of this power supply branch cable.

  • It is a cable that branches the power supply of DG-PRO1 and Drogger.

    SW001 (power supply branch cable)

  • It is a cable that branches the power supply of DG-PRO1 and Drogger.

    Branch image

  1. CEP, 50%, 24 hours static, -130 dBm, > 6 SVs

  2. Other devices such as iOS Windows Mac can not be used

  3. Exclude USB cable

  4. Except cable connector

  5. Some apps that do special processing may not be replaced

"Drogger-GPS" app for DG-PRO1

Drogger-GPS app provides mock provider services for using DG-PRO1 with GPS apps such as Google maps. Various settings of DG-PRO1 can be done. In addition, it can display the satellite information and position information of DG-PRO1 and check the operation.

Connect with DG-PRO1 via Bluetooth, Drogger-GPS does not have to be on the front and will continue to operate in the background.

DG-PRO1 app satellite view DG-PRO1 app map view DG-PRO1 app select gnss



Drogger-GPS app download is free.
Launch the Play Store app and search by Drogger GPS and install it.

App function list


  • Select device to connect
  • Connection / Disconnection
  • Automatic reconnection

Mock location service

  • Works in the background

Data output service

  • NMEA message output by TCP connection

Logging of location information

  • Logging in CSV or GPX format
  • List and share logging data
  • Setting logging frequency etc.

Information display

  • Current update rate
  • GNSS module version
  • Current location information
  • Receive satellite list, Receive sensitivity graph, Satellite position
  • Trace on Google Maps (currently ~ 3 minutes ago)

GNSS module control

The following GNSS module control can be set at [Drogger-GPS]-[Settings].

  • GNSS power mode while Android™ running
  • GNSS power mode while Android™ sleeps
  • Navigation filter by satellite sensitivity
  • Navigation filter by satellite elevation angle
  • Navigation update rate 1Hz to 18Hz
  • Select of GNSS species to use
  • A-GNSS support

App support

  • Android app using built-in GPS such as Google Map, Yahoo Navi, YAMAP and so on
    (Some apps reject Mock location by specification in some apps, it can not be used with such apps.) [Example, Pokemon GO for Android])
  • GPX Viewer and other log display apps that can display and edit GXP logs
  • AgriBus-NAVI and so on, apps that can receive NMEA messages via TCP


Power cable

  • SW001 Power supply branch cable

    This is a picture of a branch cable that can share the power of drogger and DG-PRO1This is a picture of a branch cable that can share the power of drogger and DG-PRO1

    Power supply branch cable that enables power sharing with data logger (Drogger SL001)

  • SA001-1 12V cable

    It is a picture of the 12V power cableIt is a picture of the 12V power cable

    Versatility power cable. DC 4.5V to 15.5V correspondence

  • SBH001 Vibration-proof battery holder

    SBH001 Vibration-proof battery holderSBH001 Vibration-proof battery holder

    Recommended mobile battery holder for Anker PowerCore+ mini. Preventing contact failure due to vibration of 5V USB cable and battery, stable power supply is possible even with severe vibration.


Item nameDrogger GNSS receiver for Android™ DG-PRO1
Body dimensions(W×D×H)
(Excluding power cable)
48.5 × 50 × 10.8
Power cable900mm
Power-supply voltageDC 4.5V ~ 15.5V
Current consumption70mA
Shock resistant・Waterproof・DustproofIP67
Country of originJapan
Warranty period1 year (Only in Japan and Excluding cables)

GNSS Specification

Receiver type72-channel GPS L1C/A,SBAS L1C/A, QZSS L1C/A, QZSS L1 SAIF, GLONASS L1OF, BeiDou B1I, Galileo E1B/C
Operational limits1Dynamics ≦ 4 g
Altitude 50,000m
Velocity 500m/s
Velocity accuracy20.05 m/s
Heading accurac20.3 degrees
Horizontal position accuracy32.5m2.5m4m3mTBC4
Max navigation update rate510Hz18Hz18Hz18Hz18Hz
Time-To-First-Fix6Cold start26s29s30s34s45s
Hot start1s1s1s1s1s
Aided starts72s2s2s3s7s
Sensitivity8Tracking & Navigation-167dBm-166dBm-166dBm-160dBm-159dBm
Cold Start–148dBm–148dBm–145dBm–143dBm–138dBm
Hot start–157dBm–157dBm–156dBm–155dBm–151dBm
  1. Assuming Airborne < 4 g platform

  2. 50% @ 30 m/s

  3. CEP, 50%, 24 hours static, -130 dBm, > 6 SVs

  4. To be confirmed when Galileo reaches full operational capability

  5. Rates with SBAS and QZSS enabled for > 98% fix report rate under typical conditions

  6. All satellites at -130 dBm, except Galileo at -127 dBm

  7. Dependent on aiding data connection speed and latency

  8. Demonstrated with a good external LNA

Main body

Parts numberNamePrice
(without tax)
DG-PRO1D It is a set picture of DG-PRO1 and power supply branch cable.

GNSS receiver + Power supply branch cable

GNSS receiver + Power supply branch cable

¥16,960 With SW001 power supply branch cable
DG-PRO1 It is a picture of DG-PRO1.

GNSS receiver

GNSS receiver

¥14,800 GNSS main unit


Parts numberNamePrice
(without tax)
SW001 SW001の写真です。

Power supply branch cable

Power supply branch cable

¥2,160 DG-PRO1,SL001 Power supply branch cable
SA001-1 SW001の写真です。

12V cable

12V cable

¥890 DC 4.5 - 15.5V versatility power cable
SBH001 SBH001

Vibration-proof battery holder

Vibration-proof battery holder

¥2,480 Recommended mobile battery holder for Anker PowerCore+ mini
Preventing contact failure due to vibration of 5V USB cable and battery
Stable power supply is possible even with severe vibration

Buy at Amazon.


Drogger DG-PRO1 receiver for Android™ Manual



Drogger GPS app download is free.
Launch the Play Store app and search by Drogger GPS and install it.

How to use

Describes how to use the Drogger GPS for AndroidTM app.
Drogger GPS provides mock provider service for use with Google map and other GPS app via Bluetooth with DG-PRO1...
Use DG-PRO1 with AgriBus-NAVI
This time, I will explain how to use DG-PRO1 as AgriBus-NAVI GPS of agricultural info design, LTD. …

Let's improve the performance of the antenna

The accuracy of the GPS is largely affected by the sensitivity of the antenna. Sensitivity varies depending on the possession method and the installation position. Here are tips on improving sensitivity.

Separate the antenna from the metal by 3 ~ 5 cm

The characteristic of the built-in antenna is that the sensitivity drops when the object which passes electricity such as metal or carbon is within 3 to 5 cm. Even if there is moisture, such as the human body, open a gap.

The goodness and badness of the sensitivity can be confirmed with Satellite sensitivity graph of Drogger-GPS app. The longer the graph, the better the sensitivity. As you get close to the metal plate and so on, you can see immediately that the whole graph becomes short. The picture below is a comparison between the case where the metal plate is laid down on the dashboard of the car and the case where it is not.

DG-PRO1 and metal and carbon are used separately.

It can be understood from the length of the graph that the sensitivity is better if there is no metal around.

Find the best position

When installing on a car, motorcycle, bicycle, and so on, look at the graph of the app as shown in the photo below and find the place where the graph is the longest. When using the mounting stay, use resin instead of metal or carbon.

DG-PRO1 and metal and carbon are used separately.

In the case of this car, the top of the windshield was the best place with the longest graph.

Make Main body vertical

Normally the GPS antenna is placed horizontally on the ground, but for DG-PRO1 let's stand vertically so that the cable side is down. Antenna is on top and sensitivity improves.

DG-PRO1 is used vertically.

Let's protect cables with strap holes

Please use the strap hole when attaching the main body. If you use cables instead of straps, there is a danger of damage due to vibration and so on.

DG-PRO1 wearing image1 DG-PRO1 wearing image2

Recommended mobile battery

USB mobile battery is the easiest power source for DG-PRO1. However, depending on the mobile battery, the current consumption of the DG-PRO1 is too small and the power supply is stopped. If you already have a battery, please make sure that it works continuously for about 5 minutes.

When preparing from now, we recommend Anker PowerCore + mini


Stable power supply with vibration-proof battery holder

In motor sports, bicycles, runnning, and other situations with many vibrations, let's use Vibration-proof battery holder and Anker PowerCore mini. Preventing contact failure due to vibration of 5V USB cable and battery, stable power supply is possible even with severe vibration.

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