Main unit Rev2


The main unit became revision 2 (Rev2) since 2017/12/18.

How to check the revisions

Revisions can be distinguished in three ways.

  • Ship date
  • Bluetooth device name
  • Version display in app with ready state
RevisionLast ship dateBluetooh device nameShown in app
Rev12017/11/30DROGGER-002Ver 6.32
Rev2-DROGGER-003Ver 6.33

Changes in Rev2

Resolution of Igr input problem

In Rev1, IG adapter was attached. In Rev2, main unit has been treated.

Changing Thr input resistance

The Thr input resistance has been greatly increased. This no longer affects the output value of the throttle position sensor.

In Rev 1, it was necessary to increase the input resistance with TP sensor amplifier, but it became unnecessary in Rev2.

Change signal of Thr connector

The red line of Thr connector changed from 5V power supply to Igr 5V pulse input.

Correspond to 5V pulse RPM signal

The 5V pulse RPM signal from ECU can be input as Igr signal. It is input to the red line of the Thr connector.

The negative electrode uses the black wire of the Igr connector.

SignalPositive electrode connection destinationNegative electrode
5V pulseThr external sensor cable redIG cable black
12V or more pulseIgr IG cable grayIG cable black


T1, T2 and T3 inputs support 50Hz. However, the app is currently uses 10Hz as usual.

This change can also be used in Rev1 by rewriting the firmware.