Main unit revision details

Rev.Last ship dateBluetooh device nameShown in app Changes
Rev12017-11-30DROGGER-002Ver 6.32-
Rev22018-02-12DROGGER-003Ver 6.33 Improvement of Thr input impedance.
Improvement of IG input withstand voltage.
Improvement of 12 V power input withstand voltage.
Corresponds to command of input port reference voltage setting.
Supports 50 Hz sampling of T1 T2 T3 port.
Rev32018-05-15DROGGER-003Ver 6.34 IG (RPM) input corresponds to 36 Plus / rotation.
Rev42018-05-18DROGGER-003Ver 6.35 Supports Wakeup with IG input.
Rev52018-06-17DROGGER-003Ver 6.36 Add engine stop detection function.
Rev6CurrentDROGGER-003Ver 6.37 Change LAP ignore time from 4 seconds to 0.7 seconds.