Transactd Error codes

STATUS_TABLE_YET_OPEN -3 This table has not been opened yet.
STATUS_DURING_TRANSACTION -4 This table is in transaction yet.
STATUS_NO_ACR_UPDATE_DELETE -5 You do not have permission for update or delete.
STATUS_NO_ACR_INSERT -6 You do not have permission for insert.
STATUS_NO_ACR_READ -7 You do not have permission for read.
STATUS_CANT_ALLOC_MEMORY -8 Could not allocate memory.
STATUS_USE_KEYFIELD -9 Can not delete this field because it is used by key.
STATUS_TOO_MANY_TABLES -10 Over the maximum number of tables which can be managed.
STATUS_INVARID_PRM_KEY_NUM -11 Primary key number is invalid.
STATUS_INVARID_FIELD_IDX -14 Field index is not in valid range.
STATUS_ALREADY_DELETED -15 This item has already been deleted.
STATUS_LMITS_MAX_TABLES -16 Over the maximum number of tables which can be opened.
STATUS_DB_YET_OPEN -17 Database has not been opened yet.
STATUS_TABLENAME_NOTFOUND -18 The table is not found.
STATUS_DIFFERENT_DBVERSION -19 The database version is different or it is broken.
STATUS_DUPLICATE_FIELDNAME -20 The field name is duplicate.
STATUS_INVALID_TABLE_IDX -21 This table index is not defined.
STATUS_AUTH_DENIED -22 The username or password is incorrect.
STATUS_TOO_MANY_FIELDS -23 Over the maximum number of fields which can be managed.
STATUS_FILTERSTRING_ERROR -24 There are some errors in the filter string.
STATUS_INVALID_FIELDLENGTH -25 Field length is invalid.
STATUS_INVALID_KEYTYPE -26 Key type which can not be used is specified.
STATUS_LVAR_NOTE_NOT_LAST -27 Note and Lvar type field must be the last of the fields.
STATUS_NODEF_FOR_CONVERT -28 There is no definition to convert.
STATUS_TRD_NEED_VARLENGTH -29 Specifying the variable-length table is required.
STATUS_INVALID_VARIABLETABLE -30 The last field of variable-length table must be one of the type Note, Lvar and varbinary.
STATUS_TOO_LONG_OWNERNAME -32 The owner name is too long.
STATUS_CANT_DEL_FOR_REL -33 Can not delete it because of referential integrity.
STATUS_NO_AUTOINC_SPACE -34 There is no space for AutoIncEx.
STATUS_INVALID_RECLEN -35 Record length definition is invalid or the table has not been opened yet.
STATUS_INVALID_FIELDVALUE -36 The field value is invalid.
STATUS_INVALID_VALLEN -37 Length of variable-length record is greater than the size of the buffer.
STATUS_FIELDTYPE_NOTSUPPORT -42 Can not use this field type because of server specifications.
STATUS_INVALID_NULLMODE -43 Can not use the mode which is specified database::setCompatibleMode() at opening database or table.
This error will be occurred in cases like following:
  • database::setCompatibleMode() is different between the table which has been opened and the table which will be opened.
  • The version of server plugin is 2.5 or smaller.
  • database::CMP_MODE_OLD_NULL is specified when open table without schema.
STATUS_TOO_LARGE_VALUE -44 The field value is too large.
STATUS_SQL_PARSE_ERROR -45 SQL parsing error has occurred in API internal DDL process with SQL statements.
STATUS_SUCCESS 0 Succeeded. Finished without errors.
STATUS_PROGRAM_ERROR 1 Program error. Invalid state which is caused by program procedure has been detected.
STATUS_IO_ERROR 2 The data file is corrupted.
STATUS_FILE_NOT_OPENED 3 The table has not been opened yet.
STATUS_NOT_FOUND_TI 4 The record which matches the key was not found. Could not establish the current record.
STATUS_DUPPLICATE_KEYVALUE 5 The value of unique index field is duplicated.
STATUS_INVALID_KEYNUM 6 The key number or name is invalid.
STATUS_NO_CURRENT 8 The current record is not established.
STATUS_EOF 9 The current record has reached to first or last of records. It can not move more.
STATUS_TABLE_NOTOPEN 12 Can not open table because the table is not found.
STATUS_REQUESTER_DEACTIVE 20 Can not load database engine.
STATUS_KEYBUFFERTOOSMALL 21 The length of key buffer is not enough.
STATUS_BUFFERTOOSMALL 22 The length of data buffer is not enough.
STATUS_CANT_CREATE 25 Can not create table. Please check causes such as using invalid field name.
STATUS_NOSUPPORT_OP 41 Invalid operation has tried to execute.
STATUS_INVALID_BOOKMARK 43 The value of bookmark is invalid.
STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED 46 There is no access privilege. Please make sure not to try to update values in the table which is opened with read-only.
STATUS_TABLE_EXISTS_ERROR 59 The table already exists.
STATUS_LIMMIT_OF_REJECT 60 Searching has finished because the record count has been reached to specified reject-count.
STATUS_WARKSPACE_TOO_SMALL 61 An error has occurred at writing filter buffer. Insufficient memory, or, the value of in clause is specified in prepared operation.
STATUS_INVALID_EX_DESC 62 There is a mismatch between request and buffer length on multi-record operation.
STATUS_INVALID_EX_INS 63 The buffer length of bulk-insert is invalid.
STATUS_REACHED_FILTER_COND 64 Searching has finished because there has not been matching records more.
STATUS_INVALID_FIELD_OFFSET 65 The field position or name is invalid.
STATUS_CHANGE_CONFLICT 80 The record which you tried to update or delete has modified by other clients after last reading.
STATUS_INVALID_LOCKTYPE 83 Invalid lock type.
STATUS_LOCK_ERROR 84 An error has occurred at record locking. Could not get lock.
STATUS_FILE_LOCKED 85 The table has locked.
STATUS_CANNOT_LOCK_TABLE 88 Could not lock the table.
ERROR_TD_INVALID_CLINETHOST 171 Failed to authentication of connecting to database.
ERROR_NO_DATABASE 172 Could not find the database which have this name.
ERROR_NOSPECIFY_TABLE 176 The table name is not specified in URI.
ERROR_LOAD_CLIBRARY 200 Can not load TDCLC library.
ERROR_INDEX_RND_INIT 201 Failed to initialize table index.
STATUS_INVALID_PREPAREID 202 Invalid prepared number has specified.
STATUS_LMIT_OF_PREPAREED 203 Not used. There is no implementation which returns this error.
STATUS_ALREADY_INSNAPSHOT 204 Snapshot has started already.
STATUS_ALREADY_INTRANSACTION 205 Transaction has started already.
SERVER_CLIENT_NOT_COMPATIBLE 3003 There is no compatibility between the server version and the client version. Or, there is the difference of the authentication method.
NET_BAD_SRB_FORMAT 3021 Received an incorrect data packet.
ERROR_TD_HOSTNAME_NOT_FOUND 3103 Could not find specified host.
ERROR_TD_CONNECTION_FAILURE 3106 Failed to connect to the host.
ERROR_TD_NOT_CONNECTED 3110 There is no connection to the host.
ERROR_TD_NET_TIMEOUT 3800 The network request has timeouted.
ERROR_TD_NET_REMOTE_DISCONNECT 3801 The connection has disconnected from the server.
ERROR_TD_NET_TOO_BIGDATA 3802 Network transfer data size is too large.
ERROR_TD_NET_OTHER 3810 A network error which can not be analyzed has occurred.
ERROR_TD_C_CLIENT_UNKNOWN 3811 An unexpected error has occurred in TDCLC library.
ERROR_TD_INVALID_SERVER_ROLE 3812 Server role is different with the role which has been requested by client.
ERROR_TD_RECONNECTED 3900 Not used. There is no implementation which returns this error.

Offset values for error codes

ERROR_TD_RECONNECTED_OFFSET 1000 If an error occurs at reconnection, the error number which was added this value with network error code will be returned. Normally network errors return error code from 3800 until 3900.
MYSQL_ERROR_OFFSET 25000 If an error occurs in Transactd internal MySQL method, the error number which was added this value with MySQL error code will be returned.