Transactd License FAQ

Transactd Plugin license

What license can I choose?

Transactd Plugin is available under General Public License (GPLv2). See also COPYING included in the distribution package.

We are also considering to release Transactd Plugin under the commercial license for users who use commercial editions of MySQL. Please contact us from contact form if you would like.

What is GPLv2? What should I care?

Please see General Public License (GPLv2) and Frequently Asked Questions about version 2 of the GNU GPL.

Transactd clients license

What license can I choose?

Transactd clients are available under General Public License (GPLv2) or the commercial license.

In addition, Transactd clients OSS exceptions for non-GPLv2 open-source project are also available.

Therefore, you can choose from the following three:

Which license should I choose?

First, please check if you can select the GPLv2. Must meet all of the following conditions to do so:

Then, confirm whether you can select the GPLv2 + OSS exceptions.

If you can not select these two, please consider the commercial license.

What is "Transactd clients Open Source Software exceptions"?

If you distribute progurams which link with Transactd clients, GPLv2 requires that it distribute under GPLv2.

Transactd OSS exceptions allows you to distribute programs without above restrictions if the program meet some conditions.

From this exception, program which is distributed under GPLv2-incompatible license can use Transactd clients, if it meet certain conditions./p>

For more information please refer to Transactd clients Open Source Software exceptions.

Can I modify and distribute Transactd clients under any license except GPLv2 with applying "Transactd clients OSS exceptions"?

No, you can not.

The OSS exceptions allows you to distribute "programs that link with Transactd clients" under certain license. You can not re-distribute "Transactd clients" under any license except GPLv2, with or without modification.

I got an software which use Transactd clients. It is applied Transactd clients OSS exceptions and distributed under XXX license. Can I pick out Transactd clients of it and distribute under XXX license?

No, you can not.

The OSS exceptions allows you to distribute the software under certain license, but does not change the license of Transactd clients contained therein. The license of Transactd clients remains GPLv2.

There is a library which use Transactd clients with applying the OSS exceptions. It is distributed under the license which does not request to disclose source code. Can I link this library with my proprietary (not open source) software?

No, you can not.

In this case, if you link the library with your program, it means that you link Transactd clients with your program.

The programs which link with Transactd clients are required to disclose source code under the request of GPLv2, with or without the OSS exceptions.

My software is open source software, but linked to the A-Soft Inc.'s library exceptionally. Can I use Transactd clients in this software with applying the OSS exceptions?

If the A-Soft Inc.'s library fall within the exception in GPLv2 (the major components of the operating system), you can link with it. GPLv2 does not request to disclose source code of that library.

Otherwise, you can not. GPLv2 + OSS exceptions request to disclose source code. You can not disclose the source code of the A-Soft Inc.'s library, so you can not respond to this request.

Is it impossible to use both proprietary(not open source) library and Transactd clients in my software?

It is possible in the following cases:

What is commercial license?

Please see commercial license page.