Transactd Installation Guide

1. Types of packages

Transactd is also available in the following packages. The client, you can choose what you need.

Types of package Description
Transactd Plugin Server plugin for MySQL/Mariadb
C++ client Client library for C++ developers
COM client Client library for developers using COM components, such as C# VB# Jscript etc.
PHP client Client library for PHP developers
Ruby client Client library for Ruby developers
Utilities Various utility packages such as benchmark, command line query execution module, C ++ ORM source generator.
Utilities are not required for application development.

2. How to install

Description of installation is every package.

3. Execution of test program

Once you have installed the Transactd Plugin and the client, you can run the test.

4. Application Development

Please refer to the following document application development by Transactd clinet.

5. How to use Utilities

Please refer to the following document.

Transactd Utilities guide

6. license

license information

6. Bug reporting, requests and questions